Feature Voting template for Google Sheets

published on 20 March 2023

What is feature voting?

Feature voting is a way for users to cast their vote on what new features they would like to see in a software product. Feature requests that are submitted can be voted on by other users, meaning that the ideas which are the most popular will rise to the top, and irrelevant ideas or spam will be ignored. This makes it easy as a product owner to see what matters most to your users, which can help inform you what to build next.

How can I track feature requests and user votes?

Google Sheets Template

Using this template for Google Sheets, you can keep track of feature requests submitted by your users. You'll need to manually enter the data to the sheet, or collect the data in a more automated way, such as with Zapier.

The google sheet template is here.

To use the sheet linked above, simply click File → Make a Copy. This will create a copy of the template in your Google drive. This copy will be editable by you, while the version linked above is not.


If you're interested in a more powerful solution to track feature requests which requires less manual input, consider using our product Loopliz. Loopliz allows your users to create and vote on feature requests. You can then implement these (or not), and keep users informed about the status of each with a roadmap that's automatically generated.

Example feature request board
Example feature request board

Interested in learning more about Loopliz? Checkout:

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