How to use feature voting to maximize customer feedback

published on 20 March 2023

What is feature voting?

Feature voting is a way for users to cast their vote on what new features they would like to see in a software product. Feature requests that are submitted can be voted on by other users, meaning that the ideas which are most popular will rise to the top. This makes it easy as a product owner to see what matters most to your users, which can help inform you what to build next.

Here are a few examples of feature requests that you might see:

  • Integrate with Discord: it would be great if this product integrated with Discord so I can easily keep my Discord server informed.
  • Dark Mode: I'd love it if this application had dark mode. I use dark mode wherever possible as it's easier on my eyes!
  • Mobile App: I wish their was a native iPhone or Android application. That would be handier than having to use the mobile website.

Keep users in the loop

Using a feature voting board is a simple way to make sure your users are in-the-know about the development of your product.

As a developer or product owner we work with our own products on a daily basis. It's a part of our job to understand what new features are being built at any given time. It can be easy to forget that our users are less connected to the work we're doing; as such they are less informed about upcoming features. By using a feature voting board like Loopliz, users will automatically be notified when features they care about are being discussed, built, and launched. Reminding users about a feature they requested, and letting them know when it's been launched is a great way to drive more engagement.


Building the right things

Feature voting is a powerful tool that can help you build the right features for your product by providing valuable insights into what your users want and need. It can be easy for one person to miss something that would be immediately obvious to another. Here are some of the ways that feature voting can help you build the right features:

  1. Prioritizing features based on user feedback: Feature voting allows you to collect feedback from your users on the features they would like to see in your product. By aggregating and analyzing this feedback, you can identify the most requested features and prioritize their development.
  2. Identifying gaps in your product: By analyzing the feature requests that are not yet available in your product, you can identify areas where your product is lacking. This can help you to fill those gaps by building the right features that your users need.
  3. Reducing the risk of building the wrong features: Feature voting helps you to reduce the risk of building the wrong features by allowing you to validate your assumptions with real user feedback. By building the features that are most requested by your users, you can be confident that you are investing your time and resources in the right areas.

Keeping a public roadmap

Loopliz also creates a public roadmap with the feature requests on your boards. This makes it simple to show your users what's actively being worked on, and what you're planning to work on in the future.